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Mobile Application Development

We Innovate, Build and Deliver Web Apps - Mobile Apps - UI/UX - Enterprise Solutions

Custom Software Development

We don’t just develop custom software. We develop Business Solutions.
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We combine our experience and knowledge in UI/UX Design, Software Development, eCommerce and Mobile to work with our customers as a team, to define and deliver the best solution using the right approach to address their business needs.

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Achieving The Business Goal

Process We Follow

We work with the customer prioritizing the features according to their value, grouping in periodic deliverables allowing them to experience the product throught the project.

Once we understood the concept, the challenge is to translate it into a design that connects to the user on an emotional and functional level. We consider every time a user experience that should be reviewed and challenged from multiple viewpoints.

We make sure to develop the product design the team had imagined, taking care of every detail of the user's experience with help of testing.

Delivery is as important as the quality of the developed solution. We understand the importance of delivering on time and opportunity cost. We think in delivering since the first day so that everything is ready from infrastructure to the content. For us, the project does not end at this point, either in maintaining or takeover of another team we work with the same passion.

Who is Serene Software Solutions

About Us

We are a team of innovative professionals, constantly OutThinking and OutDoing,to create beautiful engaging products and engineer scalable turnkey solutions for a better world; smarter and faster.Serene's strongest advantage is its excellent pool of skilled resources, recruited from the finest clan of professionals in the industry. They provide a vibrant combination of strategic IT consultancy services and technology skills.

Chennai based Software Solutions company, Serene Software Solutions hogged attention of all clients. To make it a success, Serene leveraged the expertise around project management, process improvement, business intelligence, analytics, and resource management he had accumulated over years of professional life.

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Serene team is aimed to collaborate with our customers in order to work out their business requests in the most effective way through technology solutions.

We do care about the final outcome and are always intended to provide productive long-term business relationship.

  • We serve as a one-stop destination for advanced web, mobile and cloud applications across varied technological platforms
  • Our team comprises of skilled and experienced subject matter experts across a wide range of technologies
  • We boast of an extensive domain experience across e-Commerce, e-Publishing, HR, logistics, e-learning, and more
  • Our client base is diverse as we have worked for startups and enterprises of all sizes and types
  • We hold expertise in tailoring customized applications that are aligned with the needs and goals of enterprises
  • Our time-tested methodologies adhere to best practices and guarantee completion within the committed timelines and cost estimates
  • We are available round-the-clock for support and communication with our clients
Success is Everything

Our Expertise

We combine our experience in software development, UX design, ecommerce and Mobile systems across different industries and business functions working close to the customer as a team to recommend the best strategy according to our experience in different areas and needs.

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Web Solutions

Serene Softwares designs, develops and implements customized web solutions which go through every stage of the development life-cycle (requirements gathering, analysis and planning; solution design and architecture; team assembly; solution development; integration and testing; implementation; and system maintenance). We value practical solutions, beautiful and intelligent designs, clean code, good architecture, and above all we are committed to the success of our customers.

Mobile Apps Development Services

Our diverse skill set team allows us to expertly tailor our mobile services to match our customers exact needs. We design and develop mobile apps for startups and enterprise clients, working with them to define the app target audience, the more intuitive and innovative user experience and the best development approach balancing aspects like timeline, budget, features and platforms.

Custom Software Development

Our prime prerogative is to assist businesses in becoming organized, productive, secure, and much more profitable with unparalleled customized software solutions.

User Experience & Interaction

Our team of UI/UX designers has been involved in a wide range of projects including web based systems, desktop and mobile apps as well as e-Commerce platforms. We work with customers to understand their business needs and goals translating them into simple and usable interfaces that balance user experience and technology.

Business Intelligence Services

Allow users to access, analyze, and collaborate on critical business information to make the best possible decisions with our customized BI solutions.Empowering businesses in effective and faster decisions making abilities with user-friendly access to the Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Mining tools.

E-Commerce Solutions

We count on a multi-disciplinary, experienced and certified Magento team focused on delivering successful solutions according to customer needs and expected results. All our e-Commerce knowledge is leveraged on a daily basis aiming at building new online stores and supporting existing ones, with the purpose of taking our customers to the next level.

Internet Marketing

Out of so many internet marketing companies in India, we are different because we have a unique approach. We have the knack of blending the right technology for the right platform & develop a strategy capable of hitting million minds! We identify the needs of a specific business, work out an approach, set team on it and yes we plan everything according to your budget. We design platform specific strategies and go beyond this basic work.

Social Media Marketing

We can help you build the right connections on the right social media platforms that bring your brand closer to your market.